10 Practical Ways to Making Money from YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel is an adventure with no guaranteed results, but it may turn into a beautiful story, like hundreds of thousands of successful YouTubers around the world. The common denominator among them is the struggle to achieve goals, as the overwhelming majority began their path on the site with minimal means. Some used their mobile phones to film their first videos, while others started their first episodes from their college dorms or dorm rooms.

Doesn’t matter where you start? Because the decisive factor is the way you deal with the channel project and your professionalism in marketing skills. You may be a genius in your field and share great content regularly, but if you don’t make money quickly you may lose the motivation to keep going. This article is dedicated to explaining the basics of marketing on the YouTube platform, and thus solving the funding dilemma that accompanies beginners.

  1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

The classic way to profit from YouTube channels is to display AdSense ads, the profits of which are paid to content creators every month. The profit percentage from YouTube is fixed and set at 55%, while the company keeps the rest. Also, the profit rate from YouTube in most Arab countries ranges between $0.5 and $3.75 per thousand views. While it rises slightly more when targeting Gulf countries. It starts from $4 and above when targeting developed countries.

This means that YouTube pays between $5 and $40 for 10,000 views, depending on the geographical location of the viewers and the number of ads included in the video. The factors controlling the rate of profit per thousand views (RPM) are the niche, geographical location, length of the video, the method of displaying ads, and the type of subscriber accounts. These factors are summarized and explained in the following points.

Businessman hands using laptops for streaming online on virtual screens, watching videos on the internet, live concert, show or tutorial, and content online. Businessman hands using laptops for streaming online on virtual screens, watching videos on the internet, live concert, show or tutorial, and content online. YouTube stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Niche: Whenever the video target is related to travel, digital currencies, investment, real estate, or Forex trading. Also, as we move towards larger niches such as cooking, comedy, and entertainment, the price decreases.

Geographical location: The RPM rate for views from developed countries is better than from developing countries. Sometimes the price per click may be multiple dozens of times.

How to deliver ads: Remember that Skippable Ads cost more per thousand impressions than Display Ads.

Video length: The longer the video, the greater the opportunity to display different ads. But this does not mean lengthening the video with useless content.

Type of viewer account: The more subscribers you have with a paid membership on YouTube. The higher your profit rate per thousand views.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is considered one of the best electronic projects, as it provides the opportunity to obtain good returns from selling products with minimal effort. This does not mean that the field is easy, as some may believe that simply by subscribing to an affiliate program and sharing the referral link, sales will be achieved.

It requires acquiring content marketing skills and persuasion, and it is also a good idea to choose a reliable product to facilitate the task (a product that sells itself). Affiliate marketing on YouTube can be done in two ways, which differ in style and conversion rate. The first is to review the product or suggest it to your followers and place the referral link below the video. It will guarantee you some sales but will not help your project grow.

  1. Previews and Paid Ads

Simply reaching a good level of views and followers will put you on the radar of stores and service companies. Especially when you have a specialized channel with reliable content. Everyone will message you to review products in exchange for keeping them.

It is better to negotiate an additional amount in exchange for publishing the review. It is also necessary to reach an agreement on a percentage of profits and obtain a special discount coupon for your followers to increase the number of sales achieved and enhance the public’s confidence in the channel.

  1. Linking the Channel to an Online Store

Your investment of time and effort in creating content should not be wasted without generating a good income. This is your legitimate right as a channel owner. The best way to achieve this goal is e-commerce, by converting followers into customers.

The first step is to create an online store using one of the professional e-commerce platforms. It was previously reviewed in a detailed guide. Choosing the best one is necessarily up to you. I recommend using the Shopify platform because it is easy to use and also supports print-on-demand.

  1. Partnership with Sponsors

This method is only suitable for large channels that have a professional project. Because it is difficult to convince investors. The channel must also have a loyal audience and parallel popularity on social media. Fulfilling these conditions is enough to arouse the attention of companies. Especially when the channel specializes in a profitable economic sector such as travel, gaming, or fashion.

  1. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is one of the most prominent methods of profit from YouTube used by professional channels that own a project or provide services of public interest. Crowdfunding allows YouTubers to raise donations legally and transparently by using specialized crowdfunding platforms.

This contributes to enhancing subscribers’ confidence in the project and thus increasing the volume of donations. It also protects channel owners from any legal consequences or potential problems with the Tax Directorate.

  1. Providing Private Consultations and Courses

If you have good experience in the field and have legal standing, it is best to consider offering your services to followers in return. For example, most doctors, and lawyers. Brokers on YouTube put their own numbers in the video description box. They do not hesitate to promote online consultations in the video.

Athletes and nutritionists also do the same thing. So what prevents you from copying the experience in your field? All you have to do is enhance your credibility by sharing meaningful and excellent content. Introduce yourself in a good way, and share your academic path, if any, with the audience.


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