Amazon Affiliate Marketing| Your Guide to Making Money from Amazon Affiliate

The latest statistics indicate that Amazon has reached the barrier of 300 million regular customers and two million sellers in the store, and it is also generating tens of billions of dollars in profits every month. These data make everyone salivate, whether investors or marketers, as the Amazon store offers many opportunities to achieve good returns.

  1. Open an Amazon Affiliate Account

Most beginners make a huge mistake by registering Amazon Associates Program before a website is available, which leads to their applications being rejected. Only those applying to open an account are exempt from this rule Amazon Influencer Designated for influencers, which only requires having a significant number of followers on a social media site.

  1. Create a Blog

Professional blogging remains the best way to market affiliate products on Amazon, as most consumers tend to read reviews and experiences of previous customers before trying any new product. This part is confirmed by the dominance of review blogs on the list of the most profitable Amazon Associates, some of which achieve profits exceeding one hundred thousand dollars per month.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing
Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Also, even the editorial teams of online newspapers and magazines are now marketing Amazon products, which shows the importance of the income earned from the Amazon Associates Program. I recommend using the WordPress platform to launch a blog, as it is easy to use and compatible with most of the tools you will need when working in affiliate marketing on Amazon.

  1. Learn SEO

If you are serious about your project to work in affiliate marketing on Amazon. You will certainly find yourself forced to learn the basics of SEO and apply them in the right way. For example, the latest statistics indicate that more than 54% of online searches target products and brands, which is a very important indicator for understanding the importance of search engine marketing (SEM Marketing). Amazon also prefers traffic from search engines. Once the blog exceeds a specific number of visitors. You will be contacted by the Amazon team to inquire about the source of the visits.

  1. Publish Links in the Right Way

Some beginners and ignorant people may underestimate the importance of this step, but they will not realize its importance until their Amazon Affiliate account is closed and it is impossible to recover it. Amazon indeed allows users to copy links directly or through HTML codes. But this is an impractical method when working with Amazon Affiliate.

Imagine how cumbersome it is to manually manage links and images in a blog of 100 articles. The difficulty you will face in making it comply with the strict terms of use of the Amazon Associates program will be explained in a later paragraph.

  1. Content Creation for Amazon Affiliates

It is generally accepted that the appropriate content for affiliate marketing on Amazon is reviews and comparisons between products, but some controls must be adhered to to produce professional content.

Targeting buyer intent keywords such as recommendations, rating, purchase, and review.

Publish buying guides and product comparison articles.

Focus on the product’s defects more than its advantages, in order to gain more trust from visitors.

Activate international targeting, which refers customers to the geographically closest Amazon store to earn additional commissions.

  1. Study and Analyze Visitors’ Behavior

A successful marketer devotes sufficient time to analyzing traffic data. This helps us understand visitor behavior and create appropriate content. This contributes to improving the user experience, thus increasing the number of visitors and sales volume in the fastest time compared to competitors. Study visitor behavior includes monitoring SEO performance, user experience, and sales index, which can be summarized in the following points.

  • Use Google Search Console to study site crawl and page progress on targeted keywords.
  • Track traffic and user experience by linking to Google Analytics.
  • Interacting with visitors’ comments and emails to enhance trust with the blog’s audience.
  1. Direct Communication with Sellers

Amazon indeed considers communicating with sellers in any form a violation of the terms of use. But it remains a necessary step to quickly develop profits. The importance of communicating with sellers is to search for new funding to support the creation of content on the blog. To negotiate additional commissions paid under the table in exchange for suggesting products.

It is also normal to reject requests from beginners, but sending a message that includes visitor data. The accuracy of targeting the niche, and the number of sales achieved will attract attention.

Mistakes to Avoid when Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

Affiliate marketing on the Amazon store is profitable and easy to learn, but it remains an unstable source of income in the absence of integrating it within the framework of an integrated electronic project such as blogging or managing advertising campaigns. Also, many beginners and intermediate-experienced people are surprised to be kicked out of the program. We have listed the most common mistakes and direct reasons for banning Amazon Affiliate accounts.

  • Do not include the Amazon Associates Program terms in the blog or site terms of use.
  • Do not declare that you are an affiliate marketer on the Amazon store.
  • Failure to achieve the minimum sales required to activate the account (3 sales within the first 6 months).
  • Purchase products from your affiliate link.
  • Placing the Amazon logo on buttons is used as an umbrella for referral links.
  • Marketing products on prohibited sites or promoting prohibited services.
  • Promote products concerning prices that change frequently.
  • Use link shorteners or cloaking links to Amazon products.
  • Post affiliate links to email lists, books, and PDF files.
  • Manage multiple accounts simultaneously and under the same name.
  • Use content and images without copyright.


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