7 Tips to Discover Your Inner Superhero

We’re all fascinated by superhero. These bold characters give us something to aspire to, even if these heroes are not human. They represent the foundation of humanity. Of course, there may be a flaw or weakness in their personalities, like all of us. But their flaw is their stories that talk about the amazing rewards they receive after emerging from difficulties, struggles, and traumas.

Superheroes offer us hope and comfort because they make us, mere mortals, understand the meaning of complex life, and inspire us to discover the potential within us that allows us to be great people. Heroes don’t exist only in comic books and movie screens. They exist outside of it, too. Of course, famous leaders, reformers, and philanthropists can be heroes too, but countless ordinary people have an extraordinary influence on others.

What distinguishes us from superheroes – with all due respect to them – is that we do not need to hide our identities to be heroes, even if many of us underestimate ourselves or hide our talents. So you should know that all people – even you – have a superhero inside them.

Here are 7 tips to discover the superhero inside you:

1.    Find and develop your passion

Just as every superhero has a special mission, we all have special talents and interests that we feel passionate about, and if you know where your passion truly lies, pursue it wholeheartedly. The time you spend passionately trying to reach your goal is more important than the goal itself.

Whether you want to devote more time to a hobby or make a radical change in your career, make a realistic plan to reach your goal and follow it. If you are avoiding taking action out of fear, uncertainty, or self-doubt, acknowledge that and use it as a reminder of how much you care, and then keep moving.

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If you haven’t found your passion yet, commit to exploring it, and think about what you can do for free, what work you find yourself suitable for, and what you will do regardless of the opinion of others.

You can also list things you’ve always dreamed of doing or what you wanted to be when you were young. Once you have some ideas, try one of them out, and treat it as an experience that you want to explore with curiosity.

2.    Support a cause:

Every superhero knows that you need to believe in something, and then stand up for the ideas you believe in. So know what you believe in and why, and then support it without hesitation. Which do you value most, human rights, the environment, justice, or peace? Support a specific cause, take action, stand up for what you believe in, match your words with action, and whatever steps you take, take them with honor and respect.

3.    Do good:

Superheroes become known by doing good. Good deeds, no matter how small, help us and others a lot. So the first step is to believe that you can make a difference, and then do something good with your words and actions. For example, say a kind word, lend a helping hand, or donate time and resources to a cause you support.

4.    Write your own story:

Ask yourself how past circumstances caused you to appreciate your work, and remember how you responded with pain. Maybe your story is about perseverance, courage, or inspiration. Your story is one of dreams, struggles, strength, and hopes, and a story that should be told. So take your best self and tell your story.

5.    Don’t let fear become your enemy:

There’s a supervillain for every superhero, and fear is our strongest foe. Believe you can create wonderful things and be brave. In other words, courage comes from pushing ahead in spite of fear. Recognize fear, know where it stems from and then go forward nonetheless.

Always keep going and don’t let self-doubt or the doubts of others stop you. Instead, open up your comfort zone by taking risks, and endure a sense of unease.

6.    Spend quality time alone:

And practice your supernatural powers take time for yourself each day, in a private space where you can be a little removed from other people. So use this time to reflect, study and develop your gifts.

Start with a meditative practice. For example, keeping a diary, meditation, devotional prayer, and the like. There are also some other kinds of activities such as dancing, yoga, painting, writing, and martial arts, which allow one to experiment and indulge oneself.

7.    Act with integrity:

Integrity and honor divide the heroes of the world from the villains. Do what’s right, do what you feel is right, and treat people with kindness and compassion whatever happens; fight against problems, injustice and frustration; pity no one; preserve your honesty.


Where can I find my passion and bring out my inner superhero?

First, identify your interests and your gifts. Make sure you know what you really like and then do it with all your heart. Plan, accept, and conquer fears or self-doubt. Then just do it.

How can I be like Superman and help some worthwhile cause?

Decide what you want to believe and believe it. Be it human rights, the environment, justice, or peace, walk the talk, and put your ideals into practice. Do good things, whatever the scale, and make yourself known by your deeds and words.

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